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Gender Pay Gap Report - 2023/2024

From 6 April 2017 employers in the UK with more than 250 staff are legally required to publish the difference between the pay and bonuses awarded to male and female staff – this is called the gender pay gap. The gender pay gap gives a picture of the balance of pay, comparing men and women, within an organisation.


It measures the difference between the average earnings of all men and women, irrespective of their role, and shows the difference between the average (mean or median) earnings of both.  This is part of a national focus by the government which aims to ensure male and female employees have equal career progression and earning potential.


The data used for this report is representative of contracted employees of Partnership of Care as at 5th April 2023 and provides a snapshot of our business at that date for the pay gap, with a period 12 months prior to that date being analysed for bonus gap purposes. In this document we set out our gender pay and bonus gap in more detail to highlight the number of male and female colleagues in each quartile of the national pay ranges at the snapshot date.

Snapshot at


26.91%                                                                               73.09%

of colleagues                                                                 of colleagues

were male                                                                        were female



UK average (mean)                                               

Gender pay gap                                             

in 2023 is                                                                



Our average (mean)

Gender pay gap 

in 2023 is  



*According to the office of national statistics




Partnership of Care Limited’s mean gender pay gap in 2023 of -2.93% is significantly less than the recorded national average of 7.7%.  The negative figure illustrates that female employees earn more than their male counterparts.


The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reports among all employees nationally in 2023 the median gender pay gap decreased to 14.3%, from 14.4% in 2022, but is still below the levels seen in 2019 (17.4%). By comparison, Partnership of Care Limited’s median gender pay gap for 2023 is -6.93%.


Our figures show a significantly higher proportion of female than male in each of the four pay bands due to the nature of the work our organisation carries out; the care sector is more typically occupied by women.


Hourly rates of pay


By law we are required to publish data regarding our mean and median gender pay gap information annually, the data below is as at 5th April 2023.




This is the average pay awarded to male and female employees and is calculated by adding up all salaries and dividing the figure by the number of employees.

Our mean

Gender Pay Gap is




This is the middle value of our pay and is calculated by ordering salaries of male and female employees from highest to lowest and identifying the middle number.

Our median

Gender Pay Gap is

- 6.53%


Pay Bands

Below shows the proportion of men and women in each of the four ‘quartile’ pay bands. 

This is calculated by dividing the workforce into four equal parts based on hourly rates of pay. 

We have divided the parts into lower, lower middle, upper middle and upper.



Male: 25%

Female: 75%


Male: 34%

Female: 66%


Male: 31%

Female: 69%


Male: 18%

Female: 82%

 *% are rounded to 1dp


Our figures show a significantly higher proportion of female than male employees in each of the four pay bands. This is due to the nature of the work our organisation carries out, and is reflective of a trend in most care providers in the UK.


We are keen to ensure that both women and men have equal access to all roles, including more senior positions, in the organisation, and specifically that men are given the same access to care worker roles as women (this being the largest populated role in the organisation). Additionally, we are working to ensure a representative proportion of male and females in senior and middle management positions which are currently filled predominately by females.




Partnership of Care Limited did not pay any Bonuses in the 2022/23 reporting period. However, in recognition of the contribution made by colleagues, bonus initiatives have since been introduced and will be reported upon in upcoming years.


Our mean                                                        Our median

Gender Pay Gap is                                   Gender Pay Gap is

0%                                                                       0%


More about Partnership of Care Limited and our Gender Pay Gap


Our approach to valuing equality and diversity is underpinned across all our operations.  We believe everyone deserves equal opportunities regardless of background, gender or circumstances. As a responsible employer we aim to treat everyone fairly, working with them to provide opportunities to help them achieve their potential. 


We are committed to monitoring and reviewing the pay differences and employment progression opportunities for both male and female employees at Partnership of Care Limited.


Janine Darling


Partnership of Care Limited 



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